Our Service

One to One Consultation

Here at The Crystal Fairy Company we operate an appointment system. An initial consultation will last approximately two hours. During this time you, as our customer, will be able to try on a variety of gowns and will receive expert advice from one of our trained bridal consultants.

Weight Loss

Many customers embark upon weight loss programs before their Wedding Day. In some cases we find that many ladies ‘put off’ looking for their gown until they have achieved their goal weight, and then find that their choices are limited. If you are currently losing weight, we advise you not to put off looking for your gown – as many gowns can take up to 6 months to arrive, it is important to book your consultation, and we can discuss how we manage the ordering process in order to assist you during the period of weight loss.

Meeting Your Gown

Once your chosen gown arrives with us, we will invite you to your ‘Meet The Gown’ appointment where you will try on your beautiful dress for the first time. This appointment is extremely important to you as this will be the first time you try on the gown that you will  making your vows in. It is also an important appointment for us, as we will assess how well the gown fits you at this stage and will be able to decide a program for your alterations. At this appointment we will advise you of your likely alteration costs.

Styling Appointments

Many of our brides will have a trial of their chosen wedding hair style. We often suggest that our brides book a Styling Appointment with us on the day of their hair trial. This gives customers the opportunity to check how their hair style looks with their chosen gown, and also allows the opportunity to choose from our vast range of hair accessories, veils and jewellery.


After your ‘Meet The Gown’ appointment you are free to take your gown away with you, where you can make your own arrangements for alteration, or if you prefer, you can leave your gown with us where it will be stored safely and securely until needed. There is a nominal charge for this service of £25.

Preparing For Your Fitting

We advise you to wear a well-fitting strapless bra and also to bring your wedding shoes to your fitting appointments. In the interest of keeping the gown as clean as possible during the fittings process we advise that you refrain from wearing tinted body moisturisers, tanning products and make up.


Here at The Crystal Fairy Company we understand that it’s not just about the dress but how well the dress fits you. Your wedding gown is the most important dress you will wear in your life and we want you to feel simply fabulous as after all, you will be looking at your photographs for many years to come!

Fittings usually start in the 6-8 weeks before your wedding, although some flexibility is available for personal circumstances. You are allocated a member of our fittings team and where possible, all fitting appointments will be carried out by the same person as we understand how important continuity is at this stage. The number of fittings you may need will vary from person to person. Charges for the alterations are made once, at the end of the fitting process and when you are entirely happy that everything has been carried out to your satisfaction.

How much will my alterations be?

We do not offer fixed sum packages for alterations, instead we prefer to charge on an individual basis as we find this is more cost-effective and fairer to our brides. Our alterations are all carried out in-house, so this allows us to keep alteration costs to a minimum.  We will advise you of the likely alteration costs at your Meet the Gown appointment.

Steaming and Preparation

Our customers usually collect their gowns the day before their wedding. The preparation of the gowns is an important stage in our service to our customers, as during this time we will steam and perform our final checks to ensure that everything is perfect. Every bridal gown leaves us with ‘something blue’ attached to them - in the form of a blue Swarovski heart-shaped crystal, sewn into the hem lining. Our gowns are handed over to our brides in black breathable gown bags. We also offer a packing service for brides travelling overseas for their wedding. As part of our service, this is all included in the cost of your gown.

Dressing Service

Our dressing service is very popular with our customers. On the day of your Wedding we will arrive with your prepared gown(s) and accessories at a time to suit you, our bride – which usually coincides with the completion of your hair and make-up. We will dress you and will stay with you until just before you leave for your Wedding. There is a charge for this service, and pre-booking is essential, as we are only able to offer one dressing service a day.

After You’re Married

For those wishing to preserve their gown for years to come, we have a gorgeous range of Wedding Dress boxes and offer a packing service to make sure the dress is packed away properly.

Why Choose The Crystal Fairy Company ?

Assisting brides in Thanet, Kent and the surrounding counties, we at The Crystal Fairy Company, Birchington really care about each and every one of our customers. We take great pride in ensuring that the lead up to a customer’s special day is as stress free as possible. We are passionate about the wedding gowns we stock and always strive to give our customers an exceptional customer service experience.